Exhibition Help – Call for Submissions

Are you consciously trying to use less plastic?

West Cheshire Museums is producing an exhibition about plastic pollution and climate change, and we’d love to hear from you!


We’re looking for objects that describe your personal relationship with, and feelings about, the plastic crisis.

These might be objects that reflect:

- The moment you became aware of the effects of plastic pollution
- The moment you realised you needed to make a change
- The first plastic-free substitute item you bought
- Your favourite plastic free substitute
- Something you’re doing to try and reduce plastic waste
- The hardest part about reducing plastic waste

Or something else entirely!

The exhibition will form part of Festival for the Future, a month-long sustainability festival taking place across all four West Cheshire Museums sites in July 2022. If you’re interested in contributing, please send photos of the object you’d like to submit, with a short description, to Poppy Garrett before 30 April 2022. Items do not need to be donated permanently, and can be returned to you after the exhibition.