• My Cheshire online exhibition What to submit and how to do it

So, what do we want from you?

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Well, we are looking for a photo of a place that means something to you, a partner or family members, with a short piece of writing about it. It could be a description of where the photo was taken, a poem, a few lines about why you chose it, anything at all.

To help inspire you, Kate Harland, Museums and Heritage Manager for Cheshire West and Chester, has written a short poem to accompany her image of Waverton Gorse.

Waverton Gorse

Once upon a spinning wheel, many spindles ago, the world stopped turning for a year or so.

The girl took to wandering and loved to explore the green lanes and byways close to her door.

She savoured the old names of woodlands she crossed, the spinney, the rough, the garth and the moss.

In covert, common, waste and gorse, she built strongholds of calm on forested floors.

Kate Harland, Museums and Heritage Manager


The very simple rules in full:

• All photos preferably to be taken in landscape mode.

• Locations featured to be named and have public access.

• No people to appear in any photos.

• Photos to be from 1-3MB, written reflections to be max 60 words. Please email your photo and text to Lauren.

• We are happy to accept images taken from locations within current and former County boundaries.

My Cheshire is a joint project between Cheshire West Libraries and West Cheshire Museums. The exhibition doesn’t have an end date, so we'll keep adding your pictures for as long as you want to keep sending them to us. Pictures will be added weekly, on one of seven possible days.

All submissions warmly received. We would love to hear from you!

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