Social history

Toy ElephantOur social history collections are showcased in the Grosvenor museum’s Period House – which has rooms on three floors dedicated to significant periods in history – and in Weaver Hall Museum. The rooms of the Period House are themed around everyday life, and highlight the different living conditions throughout the centuries. These include a Stuart dining room, Georgian drawing room, Victorian entrance hall, kitchen, parlour, bedroom and school room, Edwardian bathroom and 1920s nursery.

The Stuart RoomWeaver Hall Museum is housed in part of the former Northwich Union Workhouse which opened in 1839. Our social history displays there explore what life was like for the Victorian paupers who lived there, covering the workhouse diet and daily chores of the inmates as well as detailing how the workhouse was run. There is information in the master’s sitting room, boardroom and schoolroom.

Weaver Hall Exterior